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Living Tarot

Jan 26, 2022

On Episode 66 of Living Tarot, I talk all about some of the changes I’ve experienced in my intuition since the start of the pandemic.


Shifts in intuition are common even when the outside world isn’t so chaotic but they are particularly hard to navigate with so much external uncertainty.


I talk all about...

Jan 19, 2022

In Episode 65 of Living Tarot, I have a great conversation with Emily Prentice about all things creative. Emily, is an illustrator, fiber artist, and creative facilitator living in West Virginia. Emily’s work often shifts and changes, but it always revolves around the basics building blocks of visual art: the colors,...

Jan 12, 2022

In episode 64 of Living Tarot, I talk all about some of the major themes of the Lover Card since 2022 is a Lovers Card year.


I speak to some of the themes that we dealt with last year in a hierophant year and how we can bring those lessons into 2022.


I explain how to lean into the energy of the lovers to develop...

Jan 5, 2022

In episode 63 of Living Tarot, Davis Carr finishes out the 2022 Astrological forecast. Davis Carr is a consulting astrologer and tarot reader based in the traditional and unceded Algonquin territory (Ottawa, Canada). Davis uses astrology to help fellow creative, burnt-out, over-achieving humans better understand who...