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Living Tarot

Jun 2, 2021

On Episode 50, I wrap up season one of Living Tarot with some of the biggest things I’ve learned from reading tarot for myself and clients over the last few years. I really struggled with how to wrap up something that has been such a passion project for me but this felt the most natural.

I discuss how to cultivate intuition in little ways over time and the fact that it’s normal to struggle to trust yourself.

I speak to the fact that tarot is a tool that can easily help you build that intuitive muscle over time.

I got into details on reading for romantic relationships and what to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed or emotional and having a hard time getting a clear reading.

Ultimately developing intuition is really about learning to have faith in yourself and building it slowly over time.

Finally, I discuss some of my favorite guest episodes of the season.

I’m extremely excited to come back for season two at some point in Leo season. If you want to be the first to hear about the season two launch you can join my email list below.


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