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Living Tarot

Jan 20, 2021

On episode 31 of Living Tarot, I speak with Dr. Christa Whiteman. Professionally, Dr. Christa Whiteman is a chiropractor, kinesiologist, and clinical herbalist working in her own clinical practice to support her patient's goals to live healthier and pain-free lives. 

Outside of the office, she is a creature of the forests, fields, and marshes, endeavoring to deepen her connection to Nature and seek the wisdom of the Earth through hunting, foraging and practicing ancestral skills as devotion and ritual. 

We have a great conversation about Christa's introduction to herbalism.

Christa speaks about the energetics of herbs and how that comes into play as very personal remedies for clients in her clinical practice 

She also speaks about her relationship with intuition and how she uses it not only in her practice but also in her personal life.

We talk about how one of the main focuses of Christa's herbalism practice is to make medicine practical to the patient.

We also discuss how most of the information found online about herbalism is just a laundry list of what certain herbs are good for rather than explaining the correct potency or having a specific understanding of their indications - a problem Christa solves in her Practical and Potent Herbalism Guild.

You can join Christa's Practical and Potent Herbalism Guild at 10% off here:  

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