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Living Tarot

Sep 23, 2020

In episode 12 of Living Tarot, I talk about how to approach your tarot practice in daily life. There is a lot of information out there in internetland about how to effectively create your own tarot reading practice.  That much information can lead to overwhelm, anxiety and avoidance.  My goal in this episode is to give you some clear and concise ways to start incorporating your tarot reading into daily life.

  • I give some pointers about daily card pools and how to ask effective questions that won't traumatize you.
  • I also talked a little bit about goal-oriented spreads for your day or your week and how you can use the Tarot to help you more effectively achieve those goals.
  • I speak to the importance of using Tarot as a tool in daily life when so many of us are feeling especially anxious and overwhelmed.
  • Finally I talk about My 7-week Tarot course Practical Tarot for everyday intuitives that is open for enrollment right now and teaches tarot for real life situations. This intuitive tarot course is all about integrating your tarot practice into your everyday life as a practical tool for decision making, managing anxiety, and empowering you to move forward towards your goals with confidence. 

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