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Living Tarot

Oct 20, 2021

On Episode 52 of Living Tarot I host my friends Davis Carr, and Erin Alise Borzak, the creators of the Brand New Hollow Valley Tarot. This is my first ever dual interview and it was so much fun to learn about the creative process of collaborating on a tarot deck.


We have such a great conversation about how intuition drives both of their work and how they have digitally collaborated on creating this deck.

We discuss symbolism in their creative process

We talk about which cards they find particularly challenging

Erin and Davis both discuss times when they did and didn't listen to their intuition and what they learned

They also share what they've learned from collaborating effectively over a distance and how communication has shaped their working relationship

And each contributor shares which card they are relating to most in the moment

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Connect with Davis: Davis Carr is an astrologer and tarot reader based in the traditional and unceded territory of the Algonquin nation (Ottawa, Canada). Davis uses ancient Hellenistic astrological techniques to help fellow creative and over-achieving professionals connect to their core, authentic self, so that they can stop questioning who they are, and instead lean into their strengths and authentic nature. Her tarot readings provide the clarity, objectivity and guidance her clients need to move forward, make important decisions, or simply get some reassurance that they are on the right path.

Davis writes a **monthly astrology forecast,** which provides practical tips & guidance for surviving/thriving under the current astro-sky. 

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Connect with Erin: Erin Alise is an illustrator and witch based in unceded territory of the Cherokee and Shawnee nations (aka Nashville, TN). Through classes on witchery and creative recovery as well as through her illustrated decks, Erin helps creative witches get clarity on their purpose and keep inspired through uncertain times. She has two published oracle decks, The Hollow Valley Deck of Symbols and The Hollow Valley Sigil Oracle which are available through her website and at 100s of witchy + wonderful retailers across the US and Canada.