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Living Tarot

Jan 19, 2022

In Episode 65 of Living Tarot, I have a great conversation with Emily Prentice about all things creative. Emily, is an illustrator, fiber artist, and creative facilitator living in West Virginia. Emily’s work often shifts and changes, but it always revolves around the basics building blocks of visual art: the colors, shapes, and symbols that connect us to everything else. Emily leads creative study groups that take artistic explorers to the underworld and outer space and many places in between. She runs a snail-mail art service which sends chromatically themed packages to the color curious. Emily believes that everyone is an artist, and if you ever meet her in person, she’ll definitely tell you why.


We chat all about how creativity serves everyone, especially as we struggle our way into a third year in a pandemic.


We discuss how so much of creativity is about the journey from the Fool, through the Magician and the High Priestess.


We also talk about the function of creativity in daily life.


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