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Living Tarot

Dec 23, 2020

On episode 26 of Living Tarot, I talk about my experience working as a medium and sitting with people as they are moving through grief. There are so many types of grief that we have all experienced this year, and it isn’t all related to death or loss of a loved one.

  • I explain the societal pressure of moving on and how it can invalidate feelings that people experience as they're grieving.
  • Grief is a spiral rather than a straight line, but our society often thinks of it in terms of making progress, and I talk the dissonance between that idea and how people feel.
  • I talk about common phrases and expressions that I hear from people who are dealing with grief.
  • I also discussed the ways in which we package our grief so that it's socially acceptable and appropriate for other people.
  • Finally, I talk about how embodying the five of cups can help us sit with the discomfort of grief without allowing it to consume us.

In this episode I also refer to episode 23 of Living Tarot with Nora Belal - in this episode we talk all about her work as a death midwife and navigating grief.  You can listen here.

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