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Living Tarot

Mar 24, 2021

On Episode 40 of Living Tarot I talk about how to start a personal tarot practice.  Starting a tarot practice can feel overwhelming and there are so many resources on how to start. Rather than try to research all of them for hours think of this episode as a quick start guide.

I discuss how to choose a deck you connect with.

- I speak to strategies on reading for beginners.

- I explain how relying too much on the little book that comes with your deck can be detrimental to developing a connection with your intuition and what to do instead.

- I talk about how to use tarot to connect with intuition and keep track of your progress.

- Finally, i share some good questions to start out with if you’re trying to develop a daily personal tarot practice.

Decks I mention in this episode:

The Fifth Spirit Tarot -

Threads of Fate Tarot -

True Heart intuitive Tarot -

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