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Living Tarot

Oct 14, 2020

In episode 15 of Living Tarot, I speak with artist and tarot deck creator, Lucy Morningstar. Lucy is an artist, a witch, and a creatrix who is determined to help others shamelessly manifest their desires and create life on their own terms. she helps people bring their desires and visions to life on canvas through her painting and our commissions. This episode is all about the intersection of Tarot and art and what it's like to go through the process of channeling and creating Tarot art through deep personal trust and creativity.

  • Lucy and I talk about what it's like to break with family tradition and embrace intuition over logic.
  • We discuss how Lucy worked through mental health struggles by processing her emotions through art.
  • Lucy talks about how therapeutic it was to paint self-portraits as archetypes of the Tarot and how that work demystified some of the scarier cards in the Tarot.
  • She talks about her creative process and how friends and family often serve as models for her tarot art.
  • We also discuss how Lucy embodies the three of swords and brings in the energy of the card of the year ( The Emperor) into her creative work.

This episode is a deep dive on healing through art and how the art and archetypes of the Tarot can teach us all to embody things we didn't think we could.

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