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Living Tarot

Apr 28, 2021

On episode 45 of Living Tarot I Interview wrote J Light about their new book SQUIRREL. We discuss how intuition inspired them to sit down and create this beautiful book.

We discuss how intuition lead them out of the corporate world and what support they needed to make that transition.

J shares all about how their book came about and how creating space for creativity in a busy schedule is key.

We talk all about learning to appreciate the process of creativity is a learned skill and an exercise in leaning in to intuition.

J likes to say that they are the perfect example of the old adage - If I can do it, anyone can, when it comes to publishing their book.

We also talk about how J's book is an embodiment of the Death card and the life, death, life cycle and how J is an embodiment of the six of cups.

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