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Living Tarot

Feb 10, 2021

On episode 34 of Living Tarot I start the first of a three-part series on tarot for career and business. This episode is a heavy emphasis on navigating career and business crossroads.

  • I discuss the common blocks that come up to making significant career and business decisions
  • I discuss how tarot can be a great tool for reducing decision fatigue
  • I talk about common anxieties and fears that come up around making significant changes to your career or business path and how tarot can act as a mirror for you during that challenging time
  • I discuss a particular occasion when I used Tarot to navigate across roads in my own career and business And what insights I gained from my reading

If you've ever wanted to know the reality of how to use Tarot for real-life situations this is an excellent episode to learn how Tarot can incorporate into your career. Career and business tarot is the main focus of my business right now and is something that has been a powerful tool for me personally and has worked magic for so many of my clients.

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