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Living Tarot

Feb 17, 2021

On episode 35 of Living Tarot, I interview my friend Maureen Rozanski ( @thepeacefullyproductive ) .  Maureen is a unique mix of lawyer mind and life coach heart. After nearly 10 years of ignoring her intuition and practicing law, she pivoted into more meaningful, heart-centered work and founded The Peacefully Productive, a coaching practice specializing in supporting disconnected professionals to reclaim motivation, unearth clarity and gain a sense of peacefulness in all they do and all they are. 


While her intuition has scared the crap out of her and made her question her own sanity, she believes it to now be a powerful, healing tool for herself and others. Developing her intuitive abilities has allowed Maureen to become an impactful coach, a more mindful friend and partner, and, in her opinion, a way less controlling and anxious human being. 


She believes her intuition is meant to be used to lift others up, create meaningful connections and to figure out how to live life most authentically - even when that means living in ambiguity or discomfort. 

  • We speak about the importance of using intuition in whatever work you're doing. We discuss how Maureen's background as a lawyer led her to ultimately burnout and learn to pay attention to the cues that she was getting from her body and her energy.
  • We discuss how Maureen's coaching practice has evolved to help in clients define what productivity is for them.
  • We talk all about what it means to redefine productivity for yourself away from the paradigms that the rest of the world creates.
  • Maureen talks about how she uses both her practical experience and her intuition in client sessions.
  • She also discusses her experience of developing intuition and vacillating between trusting it and struggling to believe what she was experiencing.

So much of Maureen's journey echoes my own and that of many other intuitives who are growing their skills and learning to trust the sometimes crazy insights they gain. I hope this episode will serve to calm the worries of anyone going through their own spiritual awakening And also to challenge the ideas that we all have about what it means to be productive, how to redefine productivity, and how to empower yourself with your intuition.


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