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Living Tarot

Aug 23, 2020

Episode 1 - An introduction to what it means to live intuitively and embody the tarot as well as a deep dive into my personal journey.  I talk about how I came out of the broom closet, what it was like opening up and what I’ve learned along the way.  From the scary and startling, to the exciting and enlightening, I talk about how each step has opened my eye to new opportunities.


I talk about my first mediumship experience, doubting my sense of reality, and learning to set rules and control my gifts, rather than letting them control me.  I discuss how my practice has evolved over time and what my current spiritual practice looks like and how my tarot reading and teaching practice works today.


Most importantly, I set the intention for this podcast to be not just my voice on intuition, but a variety of voices who talk about their experience


You can read the blog I refer to in this episode here: The Reluctant Medium


You can also read more about my current tarot and Reiki offerings HERE

And as always you can get the most up to date info on my website and on Instagram @starsagespirit.