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Living Tarot

Sep 10, 2020

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In episode 10 of Living Tarot, I interview Cate Mayer about her brand new initiative, Friends Vote Together. Born out of a conversation she had while phone banking for the upcoming election, Cate created Friends Vote Together to help people become not just more informed and engaged voters, but also informed and engaged citizens.In this episode, Cate and I spoke about how our friendship developed and how getting readings with me, keeping notes on them, and going back to them when ideas arise helped her find the confidence to take swift action on a brand new project. She created Friends Vote Together and had it up and running in just two weeks!! Friends Vote Together seeks to take the mystery out of voting and civic engagement. This intuitively created program helps increase civic engagement through pairing up with a buddy and suggesting weekly actions to take.


  • Cate and I discuss how small steps can make a big difference especially when it comes to civic engagement.
  • Cate also speaks about her experience of working with me through tarot and how our readings helped to give her direction and validation in career moves.
  • We talk about how the buddy system helps with accountability.
  • Cate speaks about how intuition let her to create this community action initiative and shows a great example of intuition in action.
  • We also talk about how imperfect, messy action can lead to momentum that creates long term progress and channel frustration into collaborative action.


show notes and transcript:


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