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Living Tarot

Sep 9, 2020

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In episode 9, I dive deep on four reasons why you might want to get a professional tarot reading. You will probably recognize yourself in some of these reasons and what I really wanted to do was normalize outsourcing when you're feeling overwhelmed or too emotionally attached to an outcome.

  • I go deep into symptoms of needing an outside opinion on tarot readings.
  • I speak to you how stress and overwhelm can cloud your ability to get a clear tarot reading on your own.
  • I also talk about how to give yourself permission to spend your money and energy on self-care even if it's something that you could, in theory, do for yourself.

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This episode really stressed the importance of knowing when is the right time to get a professional tarot reading. I also discuss issues of self-worth and the challenge that can come up around investing in yourself on something that might seem unnecessary or that you can do yourself. What's really important to remember is that when we have too much buy-in to the outcome of a reading or too much emotion tied up in it it's very difficult for even the best readers to find clarity. Outsourcing your tarot reading to a professional shows tremendous wisdom and courage and it can save you a lot of angst. And I also talk about the importance of doing your research before choosing a reader and making sure that you understand the service that you are purchasing so that you aren't disappointed and you can get the maximum clarity through that tarot reading.