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Living Tarot

Jan 13, 2021

What does it mean to be in a hierophant year? What does it mean to embody hierophant energy?

In this episode of Living Tarot I speak all about what it means to really embody the energy of the card of the year. The hierophant year is the opportunity for us to integrate the wisdom we've learned from the outside world with our own personal belief system. It requires us to be discerning about the places where we spend our money, time and energy and to pay close attention to what type of teachings we take as gospel.

Coming on the heels of an emperor year that has highlighted some issues with the sustainability of systems of oppression that are no longer working for the collective, the hierophant year of 2021 is really asking us to challenge the status quo.  It is a year for trusting lessons that we have learned in connecting with our own intuition and realizing that we are our own best teacher.


Ultimately we all contain multitudes of wisdom yet we tend to search outside of ourselves for validation and understanding of that wisdom. This hierophant year Is an opportunity to learn from ourselves and to trust that and moments of great turmoil and transition that we need to have that connection to our own wisdom.


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