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Living Tarot

Jan 6, 2021

On episode 29, I speak with Angie Flynn-McIver ( @ignitecsp ).  Angie Flynn-McIver is a leadership coach via a long career as a theatre director. Angie likes to describe her work in both areas as being a "detective of human behavior." Now as the leader of her own coaching company, Ignite CSP, Angie relies on her experience and intuition to make decisions about business, growth, personnel, and even how to select the ideal client. Her book, "Before You Say Anything," is coming out in spring of 2021. Angie and I discuss the importance of authentic communication. Communication is so much more than just what you're saying, it's how you say it, when you say it, and what information you deliver along with it. Angie uses her own brand of intuitive gifts to guide clients both one-on-one and in small group work, towards the most effective way to communicate presentations, ideas, or products.


  • Angie talks about how intuition shows up in her communication coaching work.
  • Angie explains what it means to be a detective of human behavior and how it helps her investigate and empower the underlying motivations of her clients.
  • We discuss how Angie's backgrounds in theater led her to a greater understanding of the importance of effective communication and how it shows up in all areas of life.
  • Angie shares some of the ways that intuition has guided her as an entrepreneur and helped her to bring her knowledge and coaching to a broader audience with amazing results.
  • We also talk about the pitfalls of ignoring intuition in business and building wisdom through that experience.
  • Finally I explain how Angie is an embodiment of the chariot card and the page of swords.

Communication affects every area of our lives and can greatly improve our interpersonal relationships and our career prospects. 


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