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Living Tarot

Dec 30, 2020

On Episode 27 of Living Tarot, I interview my friend, Chauna Byrant.  Chauna is an energy worker, and movement guide. Originally from Southern California, Chauna now resides in Washington DC. Chauna leads breathwork meditation and teaches pilates full-time. Chauna believes in living life to the fullest and helps clients and groups alike discover their inner strength and feel more alive!  I have had the immense pleasure of participating in breathwork led by Chauna and have found it to be a powerfully moving experience.  Chauna is a master of holding space.

  • Chauna discusses what led her to breathwork and how she began her journey of healing.
  • She discusses some common misunderstandings and misconceptions about breathwork.
  • We both share how our healing practices have changed and shifted since moving into the online space during the pandemic.
  • Chauna also share about her experience of parting ways with the breathwork lineage of her breathwork teacher and the responsibility that we all have as healing facilitators and students to hold our teachers accountable.
  • Chauna shares some of the bright points that she has had through a challenging year and we both discuss the importance of tending to your own healing as someone who holds space for others healing.

This is a very vulnerable episode where we discuss the importance of recognizing power dynamics in healing work and the responsibility that we have to call people in for equity and accountability.  Healing work extends beyond just the session to session work and expands out into other areas of our lives and as healing arts facilitators we have a responsibility to do bring that healing into our communities through our activism.

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