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Living Tarot

Oct 30, 2020

On episode 18 of Living Tarot, I have a conversation with one of my closest friends from "medium school", Stephanie.  I had such a strong response when I posted on my Instagram asking if people were interested in stories from medium school so we wanted to share a little bit. This is a very conversational episode because we wanted to keep it casual.

  • We discuss some of the common misconceptions about communicating with spirit and how shows like Long Island Medium have really affected people’s expectations and understanding of mediumship
  • We talk about what it was like growing into our gifts.
  • We also discuss how being a medium actually looks and feels in daily life.
  • We talk about managing fear and anxiety and class and what it was like to walk into a room full of mediums for the first time.
  • Finally we tell some stories from the trenches of school.

This episode is a great reminder that humor is a great antidote to grief and an excellent companion to learning. It’s important not to take yourself too seriously


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